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    Swarovski Kudi Earrings

    Rs. 1,149.00 

    Ruby Kudi Studs

    Rs. 1,149.00 

    Black Kudi Studs

    Rs. 1,149.00 

    Coral Kudi Studs

    Rs. 1,149.00 

    Blue Kudi Studs

    Rs. 1,149.00 

    Green Kudi Earrings

    Rs. 1,149.00 

    Pheroza Kudi Earrings

    Rs. 1,149.00 

    Goldplated Kudi Studds

    Rs. 3,599.00 

    Pack of 3 - Kudi Earrings

    Rs. 1,649.00 

    watch_later Sold Out

    Pack of 2 - Kudi Earrings

    Rs. 1,249.00 

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